Annual Diversity Charter conference

Conference – 2021


Helena Dalli E1619341514913

Helena Dalli

EU Commissioner for Equality
Wilfried Buchhorn

Wilfried Buchhorn

Deputy Representative at UNHCR Representation for the Nordic and Baltic Countries
Barbora Suisse 3 1


Board member at Lithuanian Autism Association
Dan Sandmoen

Dan Sandmoen

Domas Jezepcikas

Domas Jezepčikas

CEO at Mundita
0003 DovileGrigiene Profile 1

Dovilė Grigienė

Telia Lietuva Independent Board Member
0000 Eskedar Mastaviciene

Eskedar Tilahun

Entrepreneur, coffee expert
Giedrius Bandzevicius 2


CEO at RIMI Lithuania

Hamza Kannout

Hélène Van Melle Web

Hélène van Melle

Associate Director for Global Partnerships – Lead for Europe at Tent Partnership for Refugees

Indrė Leškuvienė

General Manager at ibis Vilnius Centre
Jovita Ivoškaitė Web

Jovita Ivoškaitė

Learning and Development Specialist & Diversity and Inclusion Champion
Jurgita Kupryte 2


Founder and CEO at SOPA

Kamal Ahamada

educator and public speaker
Karolis Zibas

Karolis Žibas

Integration Officer at UNHCR Representation for the Nordic and Baltic Countries

Lenka Prokopec Karlberg

Mitt Liv CEO at Mitt Liv

Mariano Andrade Gonzalez

Lithuania Country Head at Moody's
Marius Zelenius Wewb 3

Marius Zelenius

Head Of Communication at Lithuanian Airports
Remy Salters 3

Remy Salters

Acting CEO at Swedbank Lithuania
Rita Čepinskienė Web

Rita Čepinskienė

Senior HR Business Partner at Nasdaq
0002 Rima Olberkyte Stankus

Rima Olberkytė-Stankus

Chief Marketing Officer at 15min
Rugile Trumpyte

Rugilė Trumpytė

CEO at Lithuanian Diversity Charter
Thomas Liebig Web

Thomas Liebig

Senior Migration Specialist at the OECD
Toma Cekanskaite

Toma Čekanskaitė

Employment specialist at Lithuanian Red Cross
VIlma Gabrieliute

Vilma Gabrieliūtė

Head of the Equal opportunities mainstreaming group at the Office of the Equal Opportunities Ombudsperson
BigFile Foris Web

Vladas Latvėnas

Co-founder of H Drop
Vytis Muliolis Web

Vytis Muliuolis

Head of the Law group at the Office of Equal Opportunities
Živilė Valeišienė Web

Živilė Valeišienė

People Strategy Lead at Western Union


  • 10:00–10:20
    Opening remarks
    Helena Dalli, EU Commission
    Wilfried Buchhorn, UNHCR
    Rugilė Trumpytė, Lithuanian Diversity Charter
  • 10:35–11:05
    Challenges of the pandemic for diversity and inclusion (In English)

    Thomas Liebig, OECD

  • 11:20–11:50
    What's the business case behind diversity? Putting D&I at the forefront of the corporate development (In English)

    Lenka Prokopec Karlberg, Mitt Liv

  • 12:05–13:10
    Panel discussion | Q&A: Are we ready to maintain D&I as a priority and not ‘the soft issue’ during turbulent times? (In English)
    Moderator: Kamal Ahamada
    Panellists: Remy Salters, Swedbank
    Giedrius Bandzevičius, RIMI
    Dovilė Grigienė, Telia Lietuva
    Mariano Andrade Gonzalez, Moody's
  • 13.45-14:35
    Discussion | Different abilities in the workplace (In Lithuanian)
    The panel will discuss the importance of digital skills and abilities to adopt to changing environment and fast learning as such skills will be even more demanded in so called post - Covid era. The panellists will engage in the dialogue on why organizations should invest in the training of their employees, how to manage employees with different abilities and needs and how people with various abilities enrich organisations?

    Moderator: Jurgita Kuprytė, SOPA
    Attendants: Barbora Suisse, Lithuanian Autism Association
    Vladas Latvėnas, H Drop
    Indrė Leškuvienė, ibis Vilnius Centre
    Marius Zelenius, Lithuanian Airports
  • 14:50–15:50
    Discussion | Unused resources: refugees and pro-active labour market inclusion strategies (In English)
    The panel will look at existing good practices in the Nordic and Baltic countries (as well as beyond) to develop proactive labour market inclusion measures for refugees. The panellists will share existing tools and techniques which facilitate sustainable employment of refugees, address the issue of deskilling and foster upskilling to be able to use social, cultural and economic resources refugees are bringing to the hosting countries and companies. Additionally, the panel will have a closer look at how sustainable refugee employment can counter existing narrative around asylum and refugee integration.

    Moderator: Karolis Žibas, UNHCR
    Attendants: Hélène van Melle, TENT Partnership for Refugees
    Dan Sandmoen, IKEA Norway
    Domas Jezepčikas, Mundita
    Toma Čekanskaitė, Lithuanian Red Cross
    Hamza Kannout
  • 16:05–17:00
    Discussion | One size doesn’t fit all: multiple identities, intersectionality and the role of allies (In Lithuanian)
    The panel will challenge assumptions about selective approach to diversity and how non-selective and holistic approach is (should be) embedded in the organizational management. The panellists will discuss how different and important it becomes once companies start working on intersectionality rather than on a single aspect of diversity.

    Moderator: Vilma Gabrieliūtė, Office of the Equal Opportunities Ombudsperson
    Attendants: Vytis Muliuolis, Office of Equal Opportunities
    Živilė Valeišienė, Western Union
    Jovita Ivoškaitė, Diversity and Inclusion Champion
    Rita Čepinskienė, Nasdaq
  • 17:15–17:40
    The power of communication: aim to change with honest storytelling (In Lithuanian)

    Rima Olberkytė-Stankus,

  • 17:40–17:45
    Wrapping up and the end of the conference


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